Nobody has ever given their best, and regretted it.

Location: at home

Start with feet hip width or wider (depends on hip joints/mobility), toes out. Lift your arches so your medial malleolus (known as ankle bone – bony Prominence on the inside of ankle) are facing each other. Knees following direction of second toe. Bring dumbbells up onto shoulders, End of the dumbbell resting on the top of shoulder keeping shoulder blades back and down. Elbows high

Lying prone (face down) on the floor legs slightly apart, toes pointed. Bring arms up to create a Diamond shape on your forehead with hands index fingers and thumbs touches, elbows to the side.

Standing up with the dumbbells in and overhand grip. Feet hip width or slightly wider, lifting your arches slightly while maintaining contact with the big toe. Soften the knees and sit back into the hips (push butt towards wall behind you).
Lean forward till the chest is either parallel or slightly above parallel to the floor, maintaining a neutral spine. Draw shoulders back so they sit in the joint. DB Relaxed with the thumbs turning slightly in.
Note:To prepare any back exercise you can relax dumbbells by your side and externally rotate them until your shoulder are back and down then return to starting position

Lunging down onto the mat, place your hands shoulder width apart, with your chest over your hands. Extend your legs out behind your body, up on toes and keeping them hip width apart. Drop down to your elbows (may clasp hands). Keep your head inline with your spine looking down and slightly in front of you hands. Bottom up as if you have a basketball under your hips.

Start with the DB on the ground between your legs, with the handle horizontal. Feet are just wider than hip width, toes pointing out slightly. Sit into a dead lift position by softening the knees and sitting down until you can reach the dumbbell. Make sure knees are following direction of toes. Grip the dumbbell keeping your arm straight. Your head, spine and pelvis should all be aligned. Draw the shoulder back and down, chest proud.