Dumbbell Step Up


Stand feet hip width apart facing the box, step or wall. Dumbbells relaxed by side.

Note: To prepare for any exercise you can relax dumbbells by your side and externally rotate them until your shoulder are back and down then return dumbbells to starting position, maintaining the new position.


Place one foot on box. Stand up onto box by pushing up with the front leg once leg is fully extended place foot of second leg on box. Step down with second leg by bending the knee of the front leg. Keep the front leg on the box.

Repeat until you reach desired reps then switch legs.

Note: Try and Maintain a good posture through the full range of movement. Once box is above knee height you start loading more glutes and hamstrings over quadriceps.


Gluteus Maximus



Adductor Magnus



Gluteus Medius

Gluteus Minimus

Quadratus Lumborum

Rectus Abdominis


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