Dumbbell Romanian Dead Lift – RDL


Stand with feet shoulder width or slightly narrower, toes pointing forward (turn toes out slightly for women). Hold dumbbells to your side.

Note:To prepare any exercise it is important to set your posture. You can relax dumbbells by your side and externally rotate them until your shoulder are back and down then return to starting position.


Drive hips backwards while softening the knee slightly. Keep shoulders fixed and back straight. Come down with the dumbbells as low as you can while maintaining straight back, keeping the core gently engaged. Return back to the starting position maintaining back posture and squeezing hamstrings and glutes. Once you hit the top position turn the dumbbells out and squeeze the back.


Note: Try and Maintain a good posture through the full range of movement. You may also need to adjust the feet position to reduce the back pressure. Control through core to reduce back stress.



Erector Spinae

Gluteus Maximus

Adductor Magnus



Latissimus Dorsi

Levator Scapulae

Rectus Abdominis


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