DB Lunge – Forward and Back


Start with feet hip width apart. Shoulders back and down. Back in neutral position, core slightly braced.

Note:To prepare shoulder posture you can relax dumbbells by your side and externally rotate them until your shoulder are back and down then return to starting position maintaining the new shoulder position. Flexibility through your hip flexors is important so stretching your hip flexors before you start the exercise will reduce injury risk.


Lunge forward with first leg keeping your feet hip width – Imagine your on train tracks. Land through the foot – heel to toes. Lower body by bending knee and hip of front leg and bending the back knee till it almost touches the floor – Knee follows second toe through full exercise. Return starting position by pushing back, maintain core strength. Step backwards with the same leg you moved forward while bending supporting leg. Plant forefoot – Demipoint on floor. Lower body by bending knee and hip of supporting leg until knee of rear leg is almost touching the floor. Push forward with your back leg returning to start position. Stay on same side till completed reps then repeat.

Repeat. Change Sides

Note: Try and Maintain a good posture through the full range of movement. Knee follows second toe. A long lunge emphasises Gluteus Maximus where as a short lunge emphasises Quadriceps.



Gluteus Maximus

Adductor Magnus


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