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Founded in 2009, UNIQ Global was born in Canberra, Australia under the name of BT Personal Training. Since then, the brand has grown, driven by a passion for helping people with the specialist knowledge acquired from years of intense research.

More importantly it has grown because of the realisation that personal training was only one facet of enabling people to achieve a real change in their lives.

The founder - Benny Tyrell - looked at similar businesses - but they didn't fit what he wanted to achieve for people. These other businesses were just trying to sell products. He wanted something more. He visualised a community of like minded people with the same passion of helping others. A community where people felt safe and empowered to make a difference in other people's lives.

He saw something new; he wanted something unique. Thus, UNIQ Global was born.

Ben's vision has become a reality that spans services, nutrition services, recipes and branded products. These are the support base for the wider branches of Uniq Global that includes UNIQ PT, UNIQ Fitness, UNIQ Mind, UNIQ Support Network, UNIQ Health, UNIQ Coaching, UNIQ Global, UNIQ Skills, UNIQ Cleaning and UNIQ Food supported by a team of over 20 people – and growing.

Welcome to Ben's vision!

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